The company

Reitano s.r.l. is a company that can provide all the operational phases: design, material supply, execution of the works and testing. For over twenty years, Reitano S.r.l., has undergone a constant evolution which has led to significant improvements in production techniques, from the craftsmanlike installation of electrical systems through to the most complex latest generation electrical plants and systems.

Reitano s.r.l. has concentrated its activity in the distribution of electricity, via aerial or underground cables, in transformer cabins, in work on MT/BT systems, in AT power line construction, in mechanised laying of MT and BT cables, in radio and remote-control stations, in measurement systems for electrical, in thermal and hydro power, in advanced detection systems for automations, in OPGW optical fibre cables, in solar panel and wind systems and in the field of civil construction of water mains, sewers, both civil and industrial.

Reitano S.r.l. is a dynamic company capable of constantly evolving and adapting itself to customer requirements with great flexibility.

The culture of quality, the advanced technology and professionality of staff turn into a strong point that distinguishes us as a leading company that can guarantee the service.

Reitano S.r.l. has always given the contractor the full support of its organisation, including availability for urgent interventions to restore power lines downed by particularly violent atmospheric conditions or other external causes.

Reitano S.r.l. has a range of cutting edge machinery, all CE marked and periodically updated and adequate tools and equipment, all compliant with European standards.

Sites are prepared on the territory following ecological criteria, respecting the environment and aimed not at altering existing balances.


Reitano S.r.l. is a dynamic company capable of constantly evolving and adapting itself to customer requirements with great flexibility.

Reitano S.r.l. is specialised in:

  • Design and assistance for LV/MV/HV electrical plants
  • 380 Kv electrical power transport systems
  • 132-150-220 Kv HV Distribution systems
  • MV/LV Distribution systems
  • 380 Kv transformer stations
  • 150 Kv electrical power primary cabins
  • 20 Kv primary and secondary cabins
  • Wind power plants for producing electrical power
  • Solar panel systems for producing electrical power
  • Thermo-electrical systems
  • Hydro-electric systems
  • LV Distribution systems for advanced service sectors
  • Public and street lighting systems
  • Telecommunication networks
  • Radio and remote control stations
  • Remote control systems
  • Systems for measuring electrical, thermal and hydro energy
  • Advanced detection systems for automations
  • Telecommunications stations


The company has adapted to D. Decree 231/01
21 May 2015
Qualification for public works
21 May 2015
Organizational model
21 May 2015
Ethical code
16 Jul 2015
Certification 1
Certification of business system UNI EN ISO 9001
Release Date:
19 March 2015
16 Jul 2015
Certification 2
Certification of business system OHSAS 18001
Release Date:
15 May 2015
16 Jul 2015
Certification 3
Certification of business system UNI EN ISO 14001
Release Date:
15 May 2015

Stable consortium Consiel

The Reitano srl is a founding member since 2004